1997 Livingston Moffett Stanley's Selection Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

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This wine is packed with rich flavors of black cherry, blackberry and currant. The oak and tannins integrate nicely into the fruit flavors underscoring the beautiful complexity and varietals character of the wine.
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As a geologist, John Livingston comes naturally to the task of finding vineyards suitable for Stanley’s Selection Cabernet wine. Seeking an optimum combination of stony hillside soils, eastern exposures and different microclimates, each of the vineyards is also chosen for its sound farm management and proven consistency. All the vineyards selected are only a few acres in size, too small for big wineries but perfect for Livingston Stanley Cabernet! And, by the way, “Stanley” is a family name in the Livingston clan!
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Vintage 1997
Country United States
Region California
Appellation Napa Valley
Bottle Size 750ml
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