2008 Babock Rita's Earth Santa Barbara Pinot Noir

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This has wine an intense amount of cherry that has a tad bit of spice and a robust finish for a pinot! Amazing and definitely one to try while inventory last's.
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For those of you not yet in the know, this Pinot’s moniker, Rita’s Earth, is our nick name for our appellation, the Sta. Rita Hills. I think it’s especially fitting with this wine since Sta. Rita Hills has become synonymous with the notion of good Pinot Noir, and this is yet another good one. And there is good news! We actually made a few thousand cases. This wine is great. Once again, it’s a less intense, easy to drink version of some of the trophy Pinots we have made from places like our estate Ocean’s Ghost. But it still has the kind of character that has prompted many growers over the last few years in the Sta. Rita Hills to plant more grapes. I love this stuff beginning with its hue. It’s not too light, which can be a trait with Pinot Noir. While light color is not supposed to be the end of the world, I do like to see in the glass a little bit of light being reflected in that spectrum known as red. It’s not too dark either, which is fine with me. While I do at times pause with some respect for really dark Pinots, they do tend to look like, well, Syrah. To be politically correct I try not to discriminate, but the classic stuff in my mind is still transparent and red, ruby red. With Pinot, purple makes me think of stylistic steroids. It’s either that, or the wine is inherently dark from an idiosyncratic terroir, like our Ocean’s Ghost. The mouth on this one is full of cherries and spice, which has become a very welcome standard. Cheers, Bryan
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Vintage 2008
Country United States
Region California
Appellation Santa Maria/Santa Barbara
Bottle Size 750ml
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