2019 Karl Lawrence HBR Howell Mountain Napa Valley Merlot

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The 2019 Karl Lawrence HBR Howell Mountain Napa Valley Merlot presents a captivating and distinctive tasting experience. With its deep garnet hue, the wine offers an enticing visual invitation. The nose is immediately greeted by an array of aromas—juicy red plums, ripe black cherries, and crushed berries mingle harmoniously with hints of dried herbs, mocha, and a touch of floral essence. On the palate, this Merlot exhibits a remarkable balance between richness and finesse. Velvety tannins support flavors of dark fruit compote, raspberry preserves, and a subtle undertone of toasty oak. The wine's structural integrity is apparent, providing both a solid framework and an inviting texture. The finish is elegant and enduring, leaving behind a lingering impression of ripe fruit and a whisper of vanilla. The 2019 Karl Lawrence HBR Merlot captures the unique character of Howell Mountain, showcasing the region's elevated terroir and the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Napa Valley winemaking. Ready to be enjoyed in its youth, yet holding the potential for graceful aging, this Merlot exemplifies the heights that Napa Valley Merlots can achieve, making it a compelling choice for connoisseurs and aficionados seeking a memorable and artfully crafted wine.
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Vintage 2019
Country United States
Region California
Appellation Napa Valley
Bottle Size 750ml
Alcohol %- 15.7
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