2020 Lucid Skin Contact California White Wine Blend (Natural Wine) 750ml

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Winery Notes- 50% skin contact fermentation for 2 weeks to extract intense aromatics & full body from the skins, which also contributes the orange color (since the skin of white grapes is golden, white grapes fermented on the skins have a golden or orange color). After pressing off the wine from skins, the wine is then aged 3-15 months on about 40% new French oak for a vanilla/coconut/caramel backbone, as well as apple wood (to enhance apple notes), peach wood (to enhance peach and tropical notes) & acacia wood (to add a floral note). Natural malolactic fermentation (slight lemon-butter sauce note) and aging on the yeast lees (creamy, cheesy, nutritional yeast, umami) create a pastry-like complexity and smoothness to the finish. The wine was then finished with brief aging on whiskey charred oak to add a very subtle smoky, whiskey-like high note. A note on the skin contact, orange wine, golden wine technique: This is basically red winemaking technique but used on white wines. You ferment the entire grape together, skins & juice together. This is used with red wines because the juice of the grape is clear, and red wine color and weight and spicy flavors come from the skins, so to make a red wine you need to have skin contact. Similarly, if you ferment a white grape’s juice with the skins, you extract the skin’s color (golden in this case) and weight and spicy flavors from the golden skins of the “white” grape. In most modern winemaking, on the other hand, just the white juice is fermented, to create a light, simple white/clear wine. But this is just the modern thing; historically, for most of human history, skin contact / golden / orange winemaking was the norm. This style has experienced a revival recently since this historical fact was discovered by an alcohol archeologist, Patrick McGovern (interestingly, his work is also the basis of many of Dogfish Head Brewery’s experimental beers).
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Bottle Size750ml
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Alcohol %-12.8
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