Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

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(STRICT 1 BOTTLE LIMIT PER HOUSEHOLD) Reddish Amber Color. On the nose a spicy aroma of Dried Citrus and Orange Peels with a hint of Caramel and Vanilla. The palate is full and soft, marked by a mix of Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Orange, and Cloves. A amazing finish that is muted, but well balanced with Vanilla, Honey, and Citrus. This Bourbon Best Served Straight, on ice, or used in a premium cocktail.
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WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: Pour it, and let it sit awhile; this one opens up and gets more aromatic, rich and flavorful, like wine. It starts off with a candied sweetness and touches of coconut and tea on the nose, then opens up to deeper caramel tones. Orange and caramel flavors, mellow, smooth, linger on the finish. Light-bodied, despite the bold, luxurious flavors. And oh, that pretty bottle, like an oversized perfume flask. Add this one to your gift list.
Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is expertly crafted in a unique time-honored tradition. Blanton’s was the first Single Barrel Bourbon, setting the standard for others to follow. It is aged in one barrel, and unlike most others, never blended with any other Bourbon.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country United States
Region Kentucky
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