Winery: Pascual Toso

How long has the winery been producing wine and how did your family start in the wine business?

Pascual Toso was an Italian immigrant who came from Piemonte, Italy. When Pascual Toso arrived in our country, he settled in Mendoza. As he had been closely involved in the development of his family wine business in Piedmont, he promptly saw the promising future for winemaking in the region and decided to use his expertise. Thus, in 1890, Pascual Toso established his first winery in San José, Guaymallén. At the beginning of the 20th century, our founder decided to expand the business and acquired vineyards in Maipú. At his estate “Las Barrancas”, he built another winery, “Las Barrancas” (small Canyon) which is dedicated to producing and growing the finest grapes.

Bodegas Toso was acquired in 1995 by J.Llorente y Cía, a company that since 1909 has stood out because of its excellent and quality products and has maintained the same philosophy imposed by Pascual Toso. Since its foundation in 1890, Bodegas y Viñedos Pascual Toso have been characterized by their ongoing innovation. 

What would you say is the Pascual Toso style of winemaking?

Since 1890, Our mission is to produce high quality wines that express Argentina’terroir. 

What type of food goes best with your wines?

Argentinean barbecue, beef. Also pasta, chicken, lamb. White wines go excellent with fish, sea food and risotto

How have your wines evolved over the years and what has caused the change?

For Pascual Toso, the most important is our passion for the wines and the quality we try to achieve. Since 1890, Bodegas y Viñedos Pascual Toso is one of the most exciting and promising Argentine winery and remains faithful to its principles: Tradition, Authenticity, Innovation.

In 2001, the company hired Mr. Paul Hobbs as consultant wine maker for a new high quality wine project. The Project was intended to produce premium and super-premium wines from both old and new vineyard from our estate in Maipu.

We would say Pascual Toso produces wines of high quality under the most exigent procedures and rules. At the same time we have invested in an advanced technology for the production of our fine wines.

Can you describe what you think would be the perfect wine?

The perfect wine is the one YOU like the most. Wine is related to vivid experiences so the better the experiences the more aspects of that wines are going to be highlighted. Let’s pretend we are by the beach and 7 pm in a summer day and you are having a great glass of wine…you are more likely to think that wine is best wine you have had since the experience is also contributing to a great memory. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to meet friends and chat about wine, life and many others things I also spend quality time with my family since I travel a lot. Sharing my time with those who I love. And please let’s not forget about Argentine asados……

 What wines do you enjoy drinking when you're not drinking your own wines?

Petrus, Italian Barolo’s, French Cabernet and Californian Chard.

 What is your most memorable wine moment?

Can’t tell…all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a lucky man.

Do you think the wine industry is changing and how is it changing?

Yes, technology allows us to get better quality, global competition now is an important factor since all the top producing countries are very good at what they do. Information is more available now than it was before so now you click on a search engine and can have  tips about certain grapes or what to expect, recommendations etc. So social media is making everything possible. Although I love some traditional old fashions will always be there. Wine is a reflection of tradition, care, art put together in a bottle to be slow cooked by time and served at any place and seasoned with friends.


Wines From Pascual Toso Currently In-stock:

2010 Pascual Toso Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza ($11.99)

2010 Pascual Toso Malbec Mendoza ($11.49)