Before leaving work yesterday I was handed a 2009 Thomas Fogarty Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir to try out. Once I was home I prepared a small plate of salami, cheese, Italian olives and bread to pair with my Pinot Noir. The 2009 growing season was noted as one of the top vintages for pinot noir to ever hit the state and they have been flying off our shelves. Thomas Fogarty has been one of my long time favorite producers in the Santa Cruz AVA. Excitingly, I poured myself a glass! The color was a beautiful garnet, the nose was deep cherry, fig, and hints of soft spices. On the palate the wine was rich, complex, fruit forward with mountain cherry and great balance on the finish. I was certain this pinot was in the $40 price point. When I arrived to work the next day the first thing on my mind was to see the price on the Fogarty pinot. In utter shock I couldn't believe my eyes the price tag read $23.99, one of the biggest steals I have seen for a pinot noir in a long time. If you are a Pinot Noir fan this is absolutely worth having a few bottles.