Boodles Gin

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This is a crisp, clean, refreshing, slightly acidic flavor including hints of juniper and coriander. Great Value!
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WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: An invitingly herbal and woodsy initial aroma of sage, nutmeg and cassia bark; more minutes find the juniper behind the assertive spice and herb flavorings. The palate entry is round, semisweet and moderately oily; at midpalate the taste is of rosemary and coriander and pepper. Finishes elegantly, firmly and squeaky clean. Best Buy.
Boodles Gin, is a British brand of gin bottled and distributed in the UK. Founded In 1792, Boodles got it's name after a gentlemen's club in St. James's, London and was known to be one of the most reputable Gins of the club .
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country England
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