Don Eduardo Reposado Tequila

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Don Eduardo Tequilas are versatile and mixable with unique flavor characteristics. The traditional way to enjoy Don Eduardo Tequila is neat with salt and lime. In Mexico, it is frequently served in small glasses, known as "caballitos," accompanied on the side by fresh lime slices and coarse salt. While many enjoy it served this way, tequila's organoleptic qualities make it an ideal ingredient for any number of cocktails or culinary delights. Don Eduardo Tequilas complement citrus juices, sodas, mixers and traditional fruit waters. It never dominates the palate and we invite you to try it any way you like it.
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WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: Delicate opening perfume is softly herbal and peppery; aeration opens up the aroma to include scents of steamed asparagus, cocoa bean and light toffee. Luscious, structured palate entry; at midpalate the flavor explodes to feature flavors of dark chocolate, honey, tar and uncooked vegetables. Sophisticated yet borderline feral in the mouth. A superb reposado.
In 1974, the municipality of Tequila Village was internationally recognized as a "denomination of origin," meaning that Tequila, Jalisco, is one of the only places in the world where the soil, water, geographic and climactic conditions provide the ideal environment for the Weber Blue Agave (agave tequilana azul), the sole ingredient in authentic tequila. Blue agave plants begin with the careful selection of the hijuelo, the seedling which grows at the base of a three-to six-year-old female blue agave. The hijuelo will draw important nutrients from the "mother" agave so it is transplanted in the fields as independent new growth. Since a great number of agave seedlings don't meet traditional standards, only a small percentage are actually planted on the extensive agave plantation. After planting, it is a matter of care, work and patience...a great deal of patience. For it will take up to ten years for each agave plant to reach full maturity for harvesting. At the heart of the agave plant is the piña, the fruit of the agave from which the best tequilas are made. The piñas are chosen by jimadors or expert harvesters. Jimadors carefully select the plants and quickly use their coa, a razor-sharp blade on a long stick, to remove the pointed spikes from the plant. Jimadors pass their trade from generation to generation and their proud craftsmanship is apparent in their work.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country Mexico
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