Gentleman Jack Bourbon

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Since the whiskey has been twice mellowed, the finish is particularly smooth, warm and pleasant. Excellent Choice!!!
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WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: This honey-colored whiskey is mellow, smooth, mouthwatering and delicious. Rich and pretty caramel and citrus aromas precede complex flavors of leather, tobacco, vanilla and cocoa. Its long finish displays lots of caramel, spicy cinnamon and ginger. Pair with a cigar.
Jack Daniel knew what charcoal mellowing meant for his whiskey, so it's only natural that he’d wonder what a second trip through the charcoal might yield. Throughout his life, he experimented with charcoal mellowing his whiskey twice, once before it went into the barrel and again after it came out. While Mr. Jack never did produce much whiskey this way, we’re thankful that he saved the recipe. And in 1988 we started making Gentleman Jack, the first new whiskey from the Jack Daniel Distillery in more than 100 years.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country United States
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