Hangar One Vodka Straight

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Jorg Rupf and Lance Winters figured out how to make straight vodka taste good. First they pot-distill a vodka from expensive viognier wine. Then they blend it into an excellent column still wheat vodka. Here’s the magic: there’s no harsh alcoholic smell or taste, just soft beautiful purity.
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WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: Although overall neutral and mild, this artisanal vodka is distinguished by a faint fruitiness and a touch of sweetness on the clean, crisp finish.
The “straight” vodka is a blend of grain (wheat) neutral spirit and a vodka we’ve crafted from viognier wine. We use the viognier vodka to diminish the alcoholic overtone found in most other vodkas. Viognier is an old varietal wine grape that makes a delicious white wine, but it’s relatively new to California. Viognier grapes are hard to grow, and they don’t produce a whole lot of fruit. To get the full flavor, you have to pick them when they’re perfectly ripe. “But despite, or perhaps because of, this precariousness [the viognier grape] has the most amazing clear, golden color and the aroma of flowers and fruits at their freshest.”
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