Maker's Mark Bourbon

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The base aroma is buttered corn-on-the-cob with aeration bringing additional scents of vanilla and cinnamon. The palate entry showcases sweet breakfast cereal grain; at midpalate the corn dominates so thoroughly that you know that this could only be one of the best straight bourbons from Kentucky. Ends spirity and heated. One of America's benchmark spirits. 

Color is rich and brilliant – see-through amber, but with a flame orange glint that tells of the warmth to come. The bouquet Full, yet delicate; well-rounded; possessing a distinctive caramel aroma of the charred oak with a hint of vanilla; pleasant and inviting. Flavor is Rich in flavor, yet soft on the palate. Distinctive and complex, yet possess the refinement and balance found in a finely crafted malt or cognac. Refreshing and pleasant. And the enjoyment is always an experience of the total.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Alcohol %- 45
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