No. 209 Gin

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Everything at Distillery No. 209 is crafted with only the highest quality in mind, nothing less. Gin has never stood still and the research for No. 209 Gin held to this ideology in crafting a new offering. The spirit started as a very heavily flavored, sometimes rough spirit, and it was for a time almost excessively sweet, then very dry and ‘junipery.’ Leslie’s team has expertly taken the juniper berry heritage a step further by fusing it with citrus, exotic fruits, and spices.
WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: The nosing passes find generous notes of citrus zest, juniper berry, orris root, licorice, coriander and angelica. The palate entry is bittersweet, intensely grainy and speckled with licorice and orris root; at midpalate the flavor turns delightfully herbal. Finish is decidedly herbal/leafy/seed-like and, finally, bittersweet. An adult gin with an adventurous attitude.
Distillery No. 209 really begins when William Scheffler bought a patent for a new design of pot still in New York in 1870. He decided to make the journey west, where the fading glitter of the Gold Rush had brought together a clash of cultures struggling for survival in a country still mending from a civil war. In time Scheffler set up a distillery at Krug winery in St. Helena, California.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country United States
Region California
Alcohol %- 46
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