Primo 1861 Blanco Tequila 750ml

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Distillery Notes- In the year 1761 the Camarena family co-founded the town of Arandas in Los Altos of Jalisco; this family was the first to plant agave in the region of Arandas and to mark forever the history of this place. One hundred years later, in 1861, Pedro Camarena Ramírez was born, founder of the first tequila distillery in Arandas and father of a lineage of renowned tequila producers. His distillery was burned down during the Mexican Revolution and all that remains is the Tahona stone that stands proudly at El Pandillo Distillery. Tequila Primo 1861 is a tribute to his legacy... Pedro Camarena Ramírez's son was a co-founder of Tequila Cazadores, but his death broke the continuity of his lineage. Felipe J. Camarena, renowned Maestro Tequilero, invited the great-great-grandson of Pedro Camarena Ramírez to reconnect his tequila origins and create his own tequila... thus Tequila Primo 1861 was born. His great-great-grandson, Pedro Camarena, still owns the ring which has been passed down through at least 5 generations in the direct line of Pedro Camarena Ramirez. The ring contains an armorial with the heraldry of the Camarena family. El Pandillo Distillery (NOM 1579) was founded in 2011 by Engineer Felipe Camarena, 3rd generation Master Distiller and renowned producer in the tequila industry. Felipe Camarena is the great-grandson of Pedro Camarena Ramírez and is focused on producing the highest quality tequilas in a sustainable way. El Pandillo Distillery has won international awards and was selected for three consecutive years by Taste Tequila as the best distillery in Mexico. www.
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