Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old Japanese Single Malt Whisky

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STRICT 1 BOTTLE LIMIT PER HOUSEHOLD-This is a full-bodied whisky with spicy cherry-like tones. The toffee aromatics of this copper-gold colored whisky offer a pleasant, long, dry finish.
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WHISKY ADVOCATE REVIEW: Deep, mature in nature, and very complex. Notes of polished leather, maple syrup, and dark pit fruit, with suggestions of tobacco smoke, wood shavings, and unsweetened chocolate. References to fine old bourbon and ultra-matured pot-still rum provide intrigue. Proof that Japan produces some outstanding, distinctive whiskies. Nicely done!
WINE ENTHUSIAST REVIEW: This is an excellent special-occasion single malt from Suntory. Look for a bold, luscious butterscotch, note, enlivened by touches of stone fruit, lychee, and a faint hint of smoke. The buttery-soft texture and amber color with bright orange-gold highlights add to the luxe experience.
Both Suntory YAMAZAKI 12- and 18- year old single malts are aged in casks of three different kinds of oaks: American, Spanish and Japanese. This gives Suntory Whisky its unique quality. Each drink has a distinct taste.
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Bottle Size 750ml
Country Japan
Region Honshu
Special Assignment Best Sellers
Alcohol %- 43
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