Johnnie Walker Whisky: Red Label to Blue Label Price Guide 2021

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough,” Mark Twain had once said, summing up the emotions of whisky lovers all over the world. Not many alcoholic beverages share the same cult status and sophistication as whisky. Perhaps this is why people are always so ready to splurge on this addictive beverage, and the one brand that holds the title of “Masters of Blend” is, Johnnie Walker. 

With an expansive portfolio of scotches identified by different colours like red, black, and blue labels, prices vary on the hierarchy of each blend. Johnnie Walker goes back to the 19th century and is renowned for its rich yet smooth flavour. It is made in Scotland by blending malt and grain whiskies from different distilleries. Thanks to this, the brand creates unique flavour profiles ranging from smoky to sweet. 

The Johnnie Walker Red price proves it is the most affordable, while the Blue Label’s whisky price tag proves that it is the brand’s most premium blend. Wondering why? It is the Scotch name. This whisky gets aged in an oak cask for three or more years (older, the better). Johnnie Walker’s price range depends on the age and quality of the blend. 

The Blends or Levels 

“The blending of Scotch Whisky is both an art and science.” Every blend created by the brand comes from a depth of skill, dedication and knowledge. Take a sip, and you will know for yourself. Here is a list of Johnnie Walker prices to give you an idea of what you can expect: 

1. Johnnie Walker Red Label Price: $26 to $33 for 750 ml and 1L bottle 

For whisky lovers on a budget, this blend is the brand’s most affordable blend. Taste the spicy cinnamon and pepper with the hint of sweetness of pear and apple and smoky flavours – a journey for your taste buds, indeed! This versatile whiskey makes the ideal mixer, hence the popularity among the brands for cocktails. 

2. Johnnie Walker Black Label Price: $26 to & $64 for 375 ml, 750 ml, 1L & 1.75L bottle

Bringing in flavours from all four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Black Label is aged for at least 12 years. Its intense flavour palette with layers of vanilla, zest of orange, spices, raisins over malt and peaty smokiness will glide smoothly down your throat. We deem this blend perfect for a cold winter night. 

3. Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Price: $41 to $44 for 750 ml bottle 

What is the difference between Black and Double Black? The flavour of the Double Black feels enhanced by strong-peaty tones and delicate hints of woody tone, similar to Black Label. It does have the signature warm smokiness of oak and tannins. 

4. Johnnie Walker Green Label Price: $63 to $76 for 750 ml and 1L bottle 

This is the brand’s only scotch blended entirely with single malts. Considered as the ‘hidden gem with vibrant secrets to reveal,’ the blend is aged 15 years and is made from malts from across Scotland. Also known to whisky lovers as the blend that is ‘in perfect harmony with nature as it captures the distinct flavour of each of the four landscapes of Scotland perfectly. Many believe that Johnnie Walker Green Label’s price tag may not do justice to the gem that it is. 

5. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Price: $68 to $80 for 750 ml bottle 

A luxurious burst of delicate honey nectar and gentle smokiness makes for the flavourful smoothness of Johnnie Walker Gold Label. This whiskey is known for this distinct taste and said to be “best enjoyed in a tuxedo”. Whether using it as a mixer for cocktails or savouring it as it is, this drink is perfect for an elegant gathering.

6. Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Price: $90 to $200 for 750 ml

This beauty is aged for 18 years with carefully chosen whiskies with premium quality and flavourful ingredients. The combination makes for an exceptional blend with both classic and contemporary taste. This particular blend is known to be inspired by the tradition of giving private blends to a close circle of family friends by John Walker and Sons.

7. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Price: $160 to $180 for 750 ml

One of the most premium blends by Johnnie Walker, the flavour nuances is undoubtedly exceptional. Blue label price tag might intimidate some, but it is an investment in taste and class. Known as one of the most coveted whiskies around, the blend contains some very old and rare whiskies. It is known for its smoky yet sweet notes with hints of soft sherry, toffee, barley and honey. Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s price starts from $160, and depending on where you buy it from, it differs. 

While many consider single malt to be more expensive and better, in reality, there is little to no difference between the two. Johnnie Walker is a blended Scotch whisky created by mixing multiple whiskies. That does not stop it from being of premium quality like you can notice with the blue label Johnnie Walker’s price. 

So, go ahead and take a swirl of one of the beautifully blended whiskeys. It is bound to take you and your taste buds on a delightful journey! 

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