About Us

The Wine Stop has been a family operated establishment since 1982. We bring you the finest wines from all over the world. Our online store is a great and convenient way for our consumers to review wines and shop for the producer that interest them the most. Our pricing structure is extremely competitive that always passes on the savings to our customers. We offer extensive reviews from various critiques that customers can read online making it at times simpler to make a selection. Along with our highly interactive online store, we also provide a quarterly newsletter for our customers to read over, and keep track of our staff’s latest and greatest picks.

The Wine Stop Standard

We have made things very easy, let us go find the worlds best wines and bring them to you for a great price. We offer some of the finest wines from all over the world:

Why Shop With The Wine Stop

We offer our customers discounted prices compared to other wine web sites. Our wine buyers are extremley aggressive in finding highly rated wines. Our staff is knowlegable and actually knows what they are selling. In the wine world today there are quite a few hidden gems and our wine buyers are consistently on the lookout for these obscure wines.


The Wine Stop staff has always prided itself with top notch customer service, and also an extremely knowledgeable staff one that has always been eager to offer the finest wines from all over the world. Our top priority has always been the satisfaction of our customers, and we always hope that your shopping experience at The Wine Stop is an enjoyable moment. If our customers may ever have the need to ask questions or have any concerns, we urge you to please contact us directly via email at sales@thewinestop.com or also by phone at 1-888-340-WINE (9463). We thank you for your interest in The Wine Stop, please visit us again soon!